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Extended Glyphs used in Chant Text

Every glyph (character) has a corresponding codepoint in the unicode table of all the possible glyphs in a font. This table will both provide you with the character that you can copy and paste, as well as the unicode codepoint.

If the glyph has a corresponding ascii code, then (in Windows, anyway :-P ) you can insert the key using your extended numberpad on your keyboard by holding the alt key whilst you enter the ascii codepoint.

You will notice that there are not ascii codepoint for all the glyphs :-( - that is because those glyphs don't exist in the ascii table.

Another thing to remember is that there are three puzzle pieces needed for you to use unicode characters that don't have corresponding ascii codepoints: first, your text file needs to be encoded as unicode. Second, your text editor needs to be able to render unicode characters. Third, your font needs to have the very characters! Every text editor can render ascii, but not every text editor can render unicode. So if you find that you can't seem to get unicode characters into your code, it is a problem with one of these two puzzle pieces. In the following table, the unicode points are correct for most fonts - it is possible that a font authour has placed their glyphs in the wrong codepoints, which means that some fonts can differ from others.

dipthongs unicode ascii special codepoint ascii
æ00e6 0230 2020
ǽ01fd 2720
Æ00c6 0198
Ǽ01fc 211f
œ0153 2123
Œ0152 Ⱥ025a
accent codepoint ascii dotscodepoint ascii
á00e1 0225 ä00e4 0228
é00e9 0233 ë00eb 0235
í00ed 0237 ï00ef 0239
ó00f3 0243 ö00f6 0246
ú00fa 0250 ü00fc 0508
ý00fd 0509 ÿ00ff 0255
Á00c1 0193 Ä00c4 0196
É00c9 0201 Ë00cb 0203
Í00cd 0205 Ï00cf 0207
Ó00d3 0211 Ö00d6 0214
Ú00da 0218 Ü00dc 0220
Ý00dd 0221 Ÿ0178

AX is a little windows program that easily and quickly lets you swap a regular letter for a special character. Here is a configuration file prepared for Latin and Chant characters.

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